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Use of cookies


Sidensjö Sparbanks (the "Bank") website contains cookies. A cookie is a small text file which is downloaded to your computer by the website you visit. The text file contains information and is, among other things, used for supporting the visitor's use of the relevant website.

The Sidensjö Sparbank’s website contains two types of cookies. The first type of cookies, which is called session cookies, is only stored temporarily during your site visit. In order to use the Bank’s Internet services, you have to allow the use of session cookies. Session cookies are used by the Bank in order to enable you to carry out your banking transactions, etc. and will disappear when you log off the Bank’s website or close your browser.

The other type of cookies, which is called persistent cookies, downloads a file on your computer for a longer period. The Bank uses persistent cookies in order to track the visitor's navigation on the website and to collect statistical data for purposes of optimizing and improving the website. Some of these persistent cookies are so-called third-party cookies from web analytics companies and other third parties engaged by the Bank to monitor navigations on the Bank’s website. The information collected is for instance used for improving the Bank’s website and to customize the Bank’s digital marketing to visitors also on other websites. If you do not accept cookies, you can change the security settings of your browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape, etc.). You can choose not to permit the use of persistent cookies without any impact on the functionality of the website, but please note that if you do not accept session cookies, you cannot make your banking transactions, etc. via the Bank's website (Online Bank).

For further information regarding cookies on the Sidensjö Sparbank's website, please contact Infomaster

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